First Visit Guide

Dear Patient,

Thank you for choosing Pacific Orthopaedic Associates to participate in your care. To ensure a productive first visit, please bring the following with you to your appointment,

  • Health Insurance card(s)
  • Insurance Authorization(if applicable)
  • Picture ID
  • Patient forms, Please complete all sections on the patient questionnaire prior to the visit or arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to complete the information. If you fill them out ahead of time, you will decrease your wait time.
  • X-Ray or Imaging Study (films) including MRI or CT Scan (if available) pertaining to your orthopaedic condition(s). Please do not just bring the X-Ray or Imaging study report. Having the actual X-Ray or Imaging study allows your provider to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your condition.
  • A complete list of all of your medications with dosages or bring all of your medications with you. This will allow the doctor’s to prescribe any needed medications immediately instead of having to wait until your next visit, and decrease the chance of medications causing side effects.
  • In order to decrease your waiting time and avoid the inconvenience of changing into an examination gown, we ask that you wear a sleeveless T-shirt for neck/shoulder/arm problems and short pants for back/leg problems. This will enable us to give you a more comprehensive physical examination with the minimum amount of discomfort.
  • Name of your internist / primary care physician along with phone number and fax number.


Pacific Orthopaedic Associates

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